It's time to STOP chasing 1:1 clients and START confidently selling your high ticket offer to a large group with a repeatable and scalable system.

Imagine a Reality Where You...

  • Make $10K per month CONSISTENTLY, while doing what you love and helping your clients achieve the transformation they desire.


  • Have a scalable and repeatable system that continues to build your business.

  • Create a high ticket offer that is irresistible, transformational and scalable. 

  • Have a step-by-step strategy to sell organically AND automate your business to bring in high quality leads on autopilot.


  • Say goodbye to constantly chasing down 1:1 clients, so you can actually enjoy the freedom of #entrepreneurlife.

And You...

  • Confidently sell your high ticket program without feeling sleazy or "salesy".

  • EASILY create captivating and engaging content that sells without spending every waking moment on social media.

  • Feel confident knowing that you have an entire team to guide and support you.




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Hi! My name is Jeri Michelle, and I’m the founder of PIA.

I am a mom to a precious toddler and 3 fur babies.


I'm an RN, yoga instructor and health coach. I decided to take my business online 3 years ago.


I spent the last 3 years and over $100K working with the best mentors and gurus to learn ALL THINGS marketing and business.


I scaled my business to 6-figures and along with that found my new passion- helping others in the wellness industry build and scale their business.


I took everything I learned and created a step-by-step strategy that *actually* works.


You don't have to waste money and time like I did… because this program will walk you through exactly what you need to do to create a multiple 6-figure business doing what you LOVE!

Certain people come into your life, and they create a mark like no other. Jeri is one of those people. She is humble, honest, and beyond supportive. She openly invites the heart of her clients and customers into her life no matter what she does, which opens the door for trust. Jeri over-delivers and inspires in every capacity. She strives to have you feel the confidence you need to reach your goals.

Danielle A.

Founder of Living Boldly

Jeri is a miracle worker. Not only is she brilliant, but she’s also a good, kind, and thoughtful leader. She consistently shows up in love for her clients, while also making sure they are doing what’s best for them. She is very thoughtful in her advice and doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. I’m grateful to have Jeri in my life and in my business.

Lindsey A.

Founder of Star Tower Systems

Six months from now, do you want to BE in the same place in your business or do you want  to have your dream business and hit your financial goals every month?


The choice is yours! You get to decide if you're going to believe in yourself and take the leap or stay stuck, wishing for something different.


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